Wednesday, February 11, 2009

gotta love clearance...

Hi all remember the other day when I went to Archivers? I picked up this great stamp set by Autumn Leaves called doodle tabbed. It was really hot a couple years ago but my patience (yeah right I forgot all about it!) paid off and I found it in the clearance section 75% off under $4 for the set! Here's a fun lo of my son's Birthday with the tabs and also the little stick fellow came from my last Valentine posting.I just cut the sticky couple apart, but don't worry, when I stamp them together you would never know they were separated. Who ever thought of the idea is brilliant, it's much less time consuming than trying to mask off parts of a stamp or hope you wiped the ink off thoroughly! PS I'm a 2 page lo type of girl so you'll always seem them side-by-side and then individually.

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