Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our newest member!

For the record I have been staving off this moment for many years now but as of late resistance became futile...we now own a puppy Collie he is adorable! I believe my husband wants to name him Avon after a character from The Wire who just happened to be a criminal mind behind the show, don't ask! So now we own Igor our soon to be an eleven year old Collie and the Puppy. Oh le's not forget about Epifany who is none to impressed check her out after their initial intro:

Where are her ears? LOL! One had to scoff as she clung to her Ninja stance while all the while her little kitty bell tinkled away.

As for Igor I believe he wants to love this new puppy and they will become great friends here are some pictures of them together:

And finally here are a couple of Avon to melt your hearts:

This last photo is so cute I love his floppy ears too bad they lose them over time, I could weight them down but I think I'd rather let it be all natural. Thanks for stopping by! Beth aka BR-T


iluvmybugs said...

Oh Beth what cute pics!!! All your 'furry family members' are adorable!! TFS


Dawn said...

How stinkin cute is that puppy? Your older Igor is a handsome guy. I am sure Epifany will find a way to exist with the new one. That pic is priceless.

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Beth, they are all adorable!
Clare x

Jeryn Carlisi said...

So, so cute!! I love the names of your pets! LOL

Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness! That picture of Epifany is absolutely priceless! I hope her ears will come back! LOL

Your dogs are just beautiful! The puppy pics just melt my heart.

Hope they all blend into a happy, healthy family of friends!

Kim said...

Awwwww, Avon does melt my heart. I have such a soft spot for puppies, Igor is beautiful too!
Kim xXx

Laurel said...

Gosh how adorable!

Karen said...

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I love them all and just want to reach through my screen and give them all a big squeeze!

Dayna said...

Aawwwdorable!!! Love the pics of the new pup :)

Jenn said...