Sunday, August 7, 2011

Storm Chaser!!!

Last night we had an impressive long line of storms pass over
 from around 8 PM until 4 AM.
When I first realized what was going on I told the kids I 
was heading out of town to get  some photos.
I never before wanted to chase storms however I 
saw Tornado Alley at the IMAX and now...
I love the rush you get from not knowing!
Here are some images:

First came the clouds

 Then the lightning:

It settled down for a bit:

It started back up again and again all night but I decided not
to tempt fate twice in one night.


debby4000 said...

OMG what amazing photos.

Kerri said...

Hey crazy woman! Those pictures are gorgeous!!! Be careful out there!

Dana said...

Holy cow...those are some wicked pictures. I would of been hiding in the closet during that storm. LOL