Friday, May 8, 2009

How is this possible!

I had to show you the progress these birds have made in the last 7 days!
Day 2


Day 5

Day 7

Proud Mamma or is it Pappa

My First Columbine Bloom

My First Bearded Iris


JuliesBlog said...

Aww theyre soooo sweet, and grown so quick. The flowers are gorgeous too. xx

Anonymous said...

Wow the chicks are changing so fast, it's amazing!
I love the pictures of the flowers, wonderful.
Hugs xx

Sarah said...

WOW Love the babies..they are so cute! My Columbines are just on the verge!..In the UK we call them Granny Bonnets LOL as they look like the cute little hats little old ladies wear to church! ( no offense to any older ladies intended)

Caryl P said...

It is amazing to see the change from day 4 to 5. One day!!! Beautiful flowers :-)

Robin Gibson said...

These pics are SO AMAZING to me!! Would LOVE to see how you scrap them up! Even if you don't plan too, they are WONDEROUS to see, thanks for sharing!

Eileen said...

How absolutely gorgeous. I just love your photos.
My sister has a bird box with blue tits nesting in it and they have laid 7 eggs. There is a camera inside the box so she can watch them on her television.