Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a delight...

Steph you are so thoughtful for sharing this friendship award, it made me smile! If you haven't met Steph yet you really need to head on over to her blog Where'd All My Money Go?. This woman is so creatively inspiring to the core.
To pick up the Circle of Friends Blog Award cut and paste the award logo and use it on your own blog.
Nominate 5 other bloggers you feel have become part of your circle of friends.
Link to your nominees within your blog post.
Include these instructions on how to pick up the award in your blog post.
Link back to the person who gave you the award in your blog post, to show your appreciation. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received the award.
Five is such a small # hmmm...
Ok, firstly Sarah from Sarah's Paper Tray she is always so kind and thoughtful with her works and when I asked a favor she didn't bat an eye and was the first to volunteer. She is the best! Go check her blog today I linked it up to the most awesome card for her daughters birthday, can I say Supercalifragilisticexpealidoshius!

Secondly back at you Steph you are an amazing wealth of support and sharing not only towards, me but to everyone you come in contact with. That my friend is a special gift.

Thirdly Penny from A Work of Heart she also comes to visit me often lavishing me with with her kindness and on a grander scale so many others as well.This woman is a wealth of visual stimulation check out her blog and you will be blessed with multi postings each day she rocks!

Fourthly,Crystal from Crystal's Crafty Creations She is a real sweetheart and have you seen her work? Get over there or you will be missing out! PS She just made a DT position Way to Go GF!

Finally Robin from Oh Scrap!, this woman is truly remarkable and filled to the brim with kindness. She hadn't been able to post in what seemed like ages and I missed her so she is a no brainer for this award! Your the best Robin not only to me but so many others too!

I chose five but by all means you all deserve this award, kind words make all the difference in the world from turning horrid days into happy days...Thank you for being my friends!


Sarah said...

Thanks so much Beth...You know you are a constant inspiration to me!

Penny said...

Awww.. thanks!

Leslie said...

Beth, I didn't even know you had a blog. I have been away from the BB for so long. I was checking out Penny's blog and saw your initials and had to come see for myself. I will be checking out your artwork here from now on. I have always loved your work you are such a gifted artist.

Kim said...

Congrats Beth, and I have something waiting for you on my blog too!
Kim xXx

Robin Gibson said...

Well, I certainly echo Sarah's sentiments! Always, always, always an inspiration....not just to me, but to SO many!! Not only are your works of art, delightfully (and absolutely the most) AMAZING~but you are a most wonderful friend! So thoughtful and generous! Thank you so much for this! And for all your thoughts while I was away from my scrapiness (is that a word? LOL). I SOOOOO missed you! Glad to be back! Now I'm off to see what other amazing creations you've made! XOXO