Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sam needs us!

Send them to Sam is a card campaign...  

Kathy of Pixie Dust Studio is challenging everyone to help little Sam fight Cancer.
Sam is a wonderful and strong 5 year old boy. His battle with Cancer is just beginning. He was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma this week. He has a very tough fight ahead of him.
Kathy and everyone at Pixie Dust Studio would love it if everyone can join in helping Sam fight this and WIN! Sam will be in the hospital for many months. We would love to fill his days with tons of cards from all over the globe. What fun for Sam to know that people from all sides of the Earth are supporting and thinking about him.
 Send a card! One a day, per week, per month!!! Keep them coming so he never stops looking forward to the next card delivery.

Please take the above blog blinkie and post it and link it back to the Pixie Dust Studio Super Sam link.
Help pass this Campaign message along.. lets spread the word, share the news. Cards are needed to help a little boy and his battle with Cancer!

Please go HERE for more details and address information!!!


Kim said...

Aw, this is such a touching story! I'll be helping out for sure. Thanks for spreading the word and the love!
Kim xXx

Liz said...

What a story. TFS

sophiesmama said...

Thanks for the link, Beth. Poor little guy! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing this on!! HUGS
HUGS and more HUGS