Friday, June 5, 2009

Birdie nums nums...

This is my favorite!!!

We went to the zoo yesterday and my 2 favorite exhibits are the Parakeets and the Butterfly pavilion hands down! Unfortunately I neglected to charge my batteries...Oh well I got a couple lovely shots.
Tomorrow is a huge day for Unscripted Sketches as 3 new designers will be added to the mix and I am telling you these three are too amazing to miss so by all means stop by!


gordoswife said...
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She's Crafty said...

Beautiful!! Hey I just "found" the Lemonade Stand award you gave me on my blog. Thank you so much!!! I have a link on my blog just for you!!!
Have a great day!!
BTW, I have new posts if you want to check them out!!!
(She's Crafty)

Anonymous said...

Stunning pictures, you are better than me at taking photos!
Have a great week-end.
Hugs xx

Sarah said...

Such cute pics!!!
Now I feel bad I didn't do the Sat sketch...I did do the next one LOL How messed up am I.

Helena said...

Beautiful photo's!

Robin Gibson said...

AMAZING pics Beth!!!