Thursday, June 25, 2009

thanks for your kindness...

Dawn from Dawn's Craft Place sent be this kind gesture a while back ans life got in the way well not anymore! Thanks so much Dawn!

Sandra from Sandra's Cards & Scraps I love her blog its in Dutch however, she has installed the handy dandy translator to help us out. Of course no words are necessary here work is awesome go check her out!

Pat from Clever Crafting gave me this lovely award, which she totally deserves and I am thrilled she thought of me...thanks you guys!

Technically I am supposed to pass these onto 10-15 different individuals however my typing skills really couldn't be any lesser so I am giving these away to anyone who stops by you can pick and choose or take them all. Seriously we are so unique and wonderful why not! BR-T

1 comment:

Sandra1968 said...

Thanks for your kinds words and you totally deserve these awards :-)
Hugs, Sandra