Friday, September 11, 2009

Cards and snakes and a spider... pt 2


I admit it I'm a tomgirl tried and true and I am totally into snakes and spiders and creey crawlies of MOST kinds. While I was out trying to take pictures of my cards I was surprised to see this fella checking out my handy work:

Then I noticed this guy in the pond:

There were actually four snakes out and about it was amazing I was giddy with glee! I was so still so they came pretty close to me one even ventured up to my hand and when I raised carefully raised it up it raised it's head up to get a sense of my hand crazy! Lastly I noted a garden spider and she was a beauty for sure look at her fantastis colors and killer pattern. My son Isaac calls them zipper spiders because of the zig zag in their webs, too funny...


Julie said...

eeeek! wow, you are gutsier than i am! that spider would have me running down the street! yikes, that sucker looked HUGE!

Sarah said...

OK Our family LOVES snakes..those pics are awesome...however spiders and I do not have the same affinity and that pic of the spider made me shiver is huge!

DottyJo said...

Wow, you are one brave girl! Love that zipper spider, must show my hubby as he is a spider nut! Jo x

Sweet Momiji said...

These are awesome!! I have pics of huge spiders too!! And some pics of me with a snake around my neck!!!

Hmmm..... I need to scrap those.... That would bring some interesting comments! LOL